Full list of dangerous toxic chemical ingredients for the GlaxoSmithKline Novovax covid19 vaccine.


2021-05-06 2 min read

The Novovax covid19 vaccine is very similar to the Sinopharm, Astra Zeneca , also Johnson and Johnson covid19 in its chemical formula and genetic makeup.

NOVOVAX COVID19 VACCINE, which was developed by GlaxoSmithKline (and which is NOT a vaccine) contains an inactive baculovirus - NVX-COV2373.


Aluminium, MF59, squaline oil, thimersasol (also known as MERCURY, which is highly toxic and causes CANCER), gelatin, sorbitol and emulsifiers.

Squaline oil is derived from olive oil and is used widely in cosmetics and its main ingredient is MF59 and also contains shark liver.

Sorbitol - C6H1406/CID5780 is a sugar alcohol, used in food and beverages, D. sorbitol, 50-70-4, E420 D-glucitol is a carbohydrate and causes headaces, stomach aches and diarrhea.

Also contains : hydrogel nanoparticles (which are contained within the other covid19 injections from other drug manufacturers).


Affects blood cholesterol level, especially in high doses. Contains MERCURY (highly toxic).

Omega-3 lowers blood pressure and is a blood thinner. It also promotes and increases bleeding, especially when used in high doses.

Although no other side effects have been listed, these side effects are not exhaustive and please remember that the Novovax covid19 injection clinical trials are STILL ongoing and the results of these clinical trials will not be concluded or known for another 2 years, until 2023. There are NO clinical data studies available for this vaccine.


Contains a dead baculovirus, Sars-COV2 is studded with spike proteins and the dead baculovirus is allowed to infect moth cells and is cultured inside moth insect cells.

The nanoparticles are grown on the moth cells. These are fragmented particles of viruses that work very similarly to the mRNA vaccines, thus yielding to a similar end result, whereby the victim's immune system is SHOT and transformed into a VIRUS MAKING MACHINE, which once activated, cannot be deactivated. This will then lead to the victim being susceptible to ANTIBODY DEPENDENCY ENHANCEMENT and will leave the victim with an extremely WEAK immune system. Once this process has taken place and the victim next comes into contact with one of the 36 wild coronaviruses, that is when the cytokine storm will kick in and unfortunately, once this has started, it cannot be switched off and many times this has sadly led to MULTI ORGAN FAILURE and DEATH swiftly follows.


The hydrogels are soft injectable conductive hydroel based electrodes that adapt very easily and once injected into the body, can transform any tissue that it latches onto. Once the conductive nanogel particle has latched onto the tissue, it digs its gripper like tentacles into the tissue and acquieses a good connection. These electrodes receive signals from a remote device, they act like receiving antennas and can be controlled very easily from a distance, thus enabling the controller to track the subject's whereabouts and to also deliver electrical currents and to deliver medications.

These nanoparticles are made from polyethylenedioxythiophene. They become active as they reach the body's temperature proceeding injection. Once these tiny invaders have warmed up and latched onto the human tissue - this process is IRREVERSIBLE, permanent and the DAMAGE is DONE.


Polyethylenedioxythiophene chemical number - CH3OH

This chemical contains : Methanol, colbalt, iron, palladium, 5-methyl-2(1H)-Pyridine.


Most of the chemicals named above carry a health hazard warning, with a diamond shape and an exclamation mark in the middle. We will list these health hazards separately:


Methanol - molecular formula = CH3OH

This is a biodiesel with HIGH octane clean burning fuel - similar to the stuff that diesel cars are fueled with.


Cobalt - atomic number 27

Used in jet turbines and gas turbine generators. It can also be magnetised.


Iron - atomic number 26 (metal) Fe / Ar3db4S, is also used as a health supplement.


Palladium - atomic number 46 / Kr4d10, is an alloy that is mainly used inside automobile catalytic converters (to reduce the amount of emissions into the atmosphere). This alloy is also used as a substitute alloy for aluminium in the making of jewellery.


5-methyl-2(1H)-pyridine, molecular formula = C4H6CIN304, is used as an anti inflammatory agent and TNF alpha blocking agents to treat arthritis.